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Omeopiacenza - PLEX

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The products of the PLEX herbal medicines are made with an innovative and patented extraction method, the multifractionationed extraction. The original plant is in fact treated with 9 different solvents, instead of just one as in the majority of cases. This type of processing has the purpose to optimize the extraction of all chemical fractions contained in the plant, which, once reconstituted, represent the true phytocomplex of the plant, or the mix of compounds which together are responsible for the action of plant extract.

The treatment of the plant with a solvent alone, on the contrary, allows to obtain only those fractions chemically soluble in the extraction solvent, which represent only a part of the plant and are not always actually responsible for the healthy action.

The multifractionation is the best solution when there is not a certain correlation between the pharmacological activity of the extract and a certain fraction chemistry, but when it is more likely that the healthy action is linked to all the compounds contained in theoriginal plant.

This type of multiple extraction allows to obtain the most complete herbal preparations and pharmacological activity enhanced by optimizing the extraction yield.


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Omeopiacenza - PLEX

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